Mobistealth Review – Does It Really Work?

Mobistealth – Everything You Need To Know Before Purchasing Mobistealth Mobile Phone Spy Software

Mobistealth Spy Software What Is Mobistealth and How Does It Work?

Mobistealth is a powerful yet easy to use spy software that allows you to secretly monitor the cell phones of your employees, spouse, kids or any family member. Mobistealth cell phone spy software provides a robust set of features that allow you to get all of the current information that you desire from the target phone.

Once installed, it will silently record all the activities on the phone and send the data to your online account. With the help of Mobistealth, you can now easily monitor phone surroundings, text messages, email, GPS locations, call details, photos & videos, browser history, instant messenger chats and more. In addition, Mobistealth works in stealth mode which means that the phone user won’t even notice that the spyware is already on his smartphone.

Mobistealth is a subscription-based service. If you wish to use Mobistealth, you will be required to pay the regular monthly subscription fee. If you are looking for a perpetual, one-time purchase option, then you may consider Highster Mobile Spy.

Once you register and pay for Mobistealth, you become a subscriber and can then download the app that will run resident on the target cell phone. With a good internet server, the app starts sending logs and other information to the Mobistealth corporate servers for storage and retrieval through a web browser-based control panel accessible using your subscriber ID and password.

Mobistealth works on Android, iPhone, Blackberry, or other operating systems like Windows Mobile or Symbian OS. Please click here to check if your phone is compatible.

Update – Mobistealth now supports all Non-Jailbroken iOS devices. Their No-Jailbreak solution allows you to spy on an iPhone or iPad without requiring physical access to the device or installing anything on it.

Now let’s look at the advanced features of Mobistealth (Latest Version)

Mobistealth Light Version

The mobistealth light version has features like call history logging, contact details, view sent/received SMS, browser history logging and GPS tracking:

Here is a list of the Mobistealth light features:

Mobistealth Location Tracking Feature

Mobistealth Location Tracking Feature

1. SMS Logging – All text (SMS) messages will be logged and sent to your online account. You can read these text messages through your online control panel.

2. Appointments Logging – You can view all details of appointments stored on the monitored mobile phone.

3. Bookmark Logging – View all the saved bookmarks on cell phone.

4. Browser History Logging – Find out all the websites visited by the phone you are tracking.

5. Call History Logging – View complete call history details such as numbers called, contact name, time of call, date, duration, etc.

6. Email Logging – Monitor all sent and received emails from iPhone.

7. Contact Details – View all the contact details saved on cell phone.

8. GPS Tracking – This feature lets you track a cell phone location. You’ll get to see where the phone is at any given time. Positions are shown on a map (uses Google Maps) so you can see exactly where they are. You’ll get to see both real-time and historical GPS logs.

9. Location through SMS – Get current location of target phone by using a secret SMS. The current location will be reported through SMS reply.

The costs for Mobistealth Light are as follows:

  • $39.99 USD – 3 month license
  • $59.99 USD – 6 months license
  • $89.99 USD – 12 months license

Mobistealth Pro Version

Mobistealth Pro includes all features found in Mobistealth Light, plus live listening to surroundings/spy call, record surroundings, picture & video logging, and WhatsApp messenger logging.

Here is a list of the Mobistealth Pro features:

record surroundings

1. Secretly Record Surroundings/Spy Call – Mobistealth lets you record the surroundings of the target phone at any time you want. Capturing live audio from a phone’s surroundings is an especially useful feature for determining where the target phone is. It’s kind of unique in a way. Mobistealth runs in stealth mode undetected by the user but you can listen in to the phone’s surroundings at any time.

2. Secretly Record Calls – Record the actual phone conversation on target phone. The secretly recorded calls are then uploaded to your online account.

3. Track Video Files – View all videos stored in the phone. You can download videos to your computer.

4. Picture Logging – View all photos/images stored on the target phone. They are uploaded to your control panel which you can access from any computer.

5. WhatsApp Logging – Remotely view all details of WhatsApp messenger chats on target iPhone.

The costs for Mobistealth Pro are as follows:

  • $79.99 USD – 3 months license
  • $119.99 USD – 6 months license
  • $149.99 USD – 12 months license

Additional Features

  • Reverse Phone Look Up – Get the owner name and address of the phone number in the SMS and call details history (whenever possible) by simply clicking on the phone number. Normally this kind of lookup costs for each search but Mobile Stealth has integrated this feature free of cost for you.
  • Remote Phone Wipe – In case if you have sensitive data on your phone which cannot be risked and phone is stolen or lost and you want to protect your privacy. You just need Mobistealth as it will enable you to wipe all data on phone through secret SMS.
  • SIM Change Alert – This is a unique feature offered by Mobistealth . As soon as SIM is changed, a notification with new number will be sent through SMS to a predefined number. The notification number can be set any number of times through Mobistealth website.

As you can see from the above features, Mobistealth PRO has just about every feature anyone would ever want in a cell phone spy software. It allows you to spy on or track a cheating spouse, monitor employee issued mobile phone devices, or keep an eye on family members. You simply can’t go wrong with purchasing Mobistealth PRO.

Mobistealth Download

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How Does Mobistealth Work?

Mobistealth spying application will monitor all the activities on the target phone and upload it to a secure web account for you to view at anytime. The first thing you need to do is to install the app on the phone you want to spy on. After installation, it runs in stealth mode and it will be 100% undetectable. The phone user won’t even know that it’s already on his/her cell phone. To check out the recorded data, simply login to your online account by using a computer, laptop or tablet device that is connected to the Internet.

Basically, it allows you to monitor everything that is taking place on that cell phone and all in stealth mode completely undetected by the user.

If you want to know more about how it works, then check out this mobistealth review video.

Mobistealth – The Pros and Cons


  • Mobilestealth is fully undetectable.
  • Includes 14 Advanced Surveillance Features
  • Ability to hear the surroundings of the mobile phone.
  • Remotely view photos and videos, Track emails, read SMS messages
  • Secretly spy on the mobile phone from your user account
  • 100% free updates after purchase.
  • Compatible with most smartphone brands.
  • Technical Support is available 24/7
  • 15 Day money back guarantee.


  • Mobistealth doesn’t offer a free trial.
  • You have to jailbreak your target iPhone before you can download and install the Mobistealth spy app.

Where Can You Download Mobistealth

Make sure your target phone is compatible with mobistealth before you download and use it. You should visit their compatibility page to see if your phone is on the list. Here is the link:

Once you know your device is supported, you can visit this page to purchase the product. After payment, you will immediately receive mobistealth software download link and instructions by email.

How to Use Mobistealth

How Mobistealth Works

Mobistealth is quick and easy to use. After your order is processed, you will receive a receipt email along with a full instruction manual on how to install the software. After that – you must physically download the software using the web browser of your target phone. When you installed the software, it will now run on stealth mode, and it will never be detected by the phone user. After a few moments, it will start recording the activities on that mobile device.

If you have a cell phone that you purchased, are responsible for, and want to make sure it is not abused by your teenager or employee then this is a must-have app for it.

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Keep in mind that it is not only about spying and trying to catch someone in your charge doing something wrong. There are so many threats to the safety and security of your loved ones in the cyber world today. There are predators, con artists, drug dealers, and friends who have a negative influence on your teenagers. You need Mobistealth to find out with whom they are communicating on their cell phones. There are three pricing/packages that you can choose from, and the best part of it all – it really works! My advice is to give it a try and see for yourself. Click here to try Mobistealth now!

Look after your family and business assets with one of the most feature-rich cell phone spying software products currently on the market. Order and download Mobistealth today.