Mobistealth: What You Should Know

Mobistealth FAQHave you heard about the latest and greatest digital monitoring system? It’s called Mobistealth. Not only can you use this software to monitor a mobile device, you can also use it to monitor computer activity.

This software has all the most advanced features, which provides comfort and security to parents, as well as employers. You will never have to worry about suspicious activity because Mobistealth allows you to see what the user is doing all the time.

The user will never know you are spying on them, because the software runs in stealth mode and is untraceable.

Here are some questions you may have about the Mobistealth software.

Is it necessary to have physical access to the device?

You will have to physically set up the software on the device, but after the initial set up all monitoring is done remotely. Installation is completed within minutes, and monitoring begins instantly.

How does the software work?

Register online, download the software on the device, and Mobistealth will begin recording all activity on the targeted cell phone or computer. The information is uploaded to your online account, where you can view it from any internet ready device.

What cell phones can this monitoring system be used with?

Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Symbian/Nokia and Windows Mobile phones. Check back frequently if your cell phone is not on this list because updates are done continuously.

What is Stealth Club?

This is where you can view all the users monitored activity. All you have to do is log into your Stealth Club account to gain access to the users activity.

Is there a software application I need to run the monitoring software?

All you need to run this software is a web browser, internet access, and the actual monitoring software downloaded to the user device.

Will I receive updates?

As long as your software account is active, you will continue to get the newest updates without being charged.

Does the user have to use the default web browser for the software to log browsing history?

Yes, the monitoring software will only log the history of the default web browser. This is true for all monitoring softwares.

Is it possible to switch a phone on a license?

All you have to do is deactivate the software on the current phone, and activate it on the new phone.

Will I have to reinstall the software when I upgrade my current license?

There is no need to install anything when your license is upgraded. The software will automatically launch the new features.

Is the software installed on the actual phone or the SIM card?

The software is on the actual phone, so you don’t have to worry about SIM cards being removed.

Mobistealth is an advanced monitoring software that is untraceable, and provides the proof that you need to enforce punishments when needed. Support is available to answer any questions you may have. Stop wondering what is truly happening when you’re not around, and start knowing the truth.

How Mobistealth Can Help Parents

Mobistealth Parents

When parents buy their children a smartphone, they give them a new level of independence that they didn’t have before. This is because not only are they carrying a phone but a tiny computer as well.

No longer does your child need to go to the library to use the Internet because he can get the information he needs anywhere from his smartphone browser.

He can also make calls from anywhere and gone are the days when a child must find a pay phone to let you know where he is.

But with all of this convenience there also comes concerns on the part of parents which is why Mobistealth makes a cell phone spy software. The features provided by this innovative cell phone app helps parents and eases some of their concerns.

Concerns Parents Have

Parents in general have concerns when their children have smartphones where they can not only speak with others but exchange text messages, visit Internet sites, post photos on social networking sites, and more.

Some of the common concerns parents have about their child and a smartphone are that they will:

  • Visit websites with adult, violent, or other inappropriate content
  • Chat with friends who are a bad influence
  • Over use their smartphone
  • Waste time with the device
  • Lose their smartphone or leave it vulnerable to theft
  • Share too much information
  • Take photos and videos with their smartphone that are inappropriate (racy, semi-nude, self-shots)
  • Have contact with strangers
  • Tell lies concerning their whereabouts

As you can see, there is a long list of concerns that parents have when their kids get a new level of independence because you gave them a smartphone.

Mobistealth Features That Address the Concerns

The features provided by Mobistealth address the parents’ concerns listed above. Here is a list of some of the most helpful:

  • Collecting data on calls made/received
  • Bugging the smartphone’s surroundings
  • Recording calls if necessary
  • Logging of every website visited using the smartphone’s browser
  • Full message tracking
  • GPS location tracking from both a real-time and historical perspective
  • Ability to wipe the phone’s data contents remotely
  • Collecting photos and videos taken on the target device
  • Viewing of the contacts and calendar files

Keep reading and find out more about how these features apply to the specific situations they were added for.

Get All the Facts about What Is Said and With Whom

Mobistealth cell phone spy software helps parents know with whom their children are communicating on the telephone. From the control panel, parents can see the complete history of calls made or received on the monitored smartphone. The history is listed with date/time, contact name/number, and if the call was incoming or outgoing.

For parents, it simply means that you will be able to enforce what you told your child about who they can and cannot call.

Guiding in Appropriate Browsing Habits

Parents are always concerned about what their kids view on the Internet using their home computers and the same holds true when it comes to smartphones. This is why Mobistealth added the capability for its cell phone tracker app to collect the URL of each website visited through the smartphone’s browser.

A teenager with a smartphone might think that he can carry it everywhere and look at any website he wants to. However, with the Mobistealth cell phone monitoring app you will know and be able to guide him as to what is acceptable and appropriate with regard to Internet browsing.

Seeing with Whom They are Texting

The most common way to exchange text messages on cell phones is using short messaging service or SMS. Kids exchange SMS messages with their friends and it is oftentimes preferred to voice communications because no one overhears anything.

Thus, there is a tendency or at least the temptation for kids to exchange messages using all sorts of language and topics that you as parent would be alarmed over. For example, they might discuss sexual topics with each other or where to get alcohol.

Then, there is another problem. Kids might get contacted by those they don’t know if those strangers somehow get their number. These strangers could be sexual predators, cyber-bullies, or cyber-stalkers.

In any case, you as a parent would definitely want to know this and your kids may not tell you. However with the Mobistealth cell phone tracker, you get the full text of all message exchanges sent right to your control panel so that you can assess the situation and take action.


No More Hiding Their Whereabouts

Here is another problem when kids get an unmonitored smartphone—one without Mobistealth. They can call from anywhere and lie about their location and you would never know. For example, they could call you and tell you that they are at one friend’s house doing homework when they are really at a party at another friend’s house—a friend you don’t approve of.

But with the Mobistealth cell phone monitoring app you get GPS location tracking which reports the coordinates at regular intervals, thus you will be able to pinpoint where your child actually is. No more can he hide his whereabouts from you.

Help for When the Smartphone Goes Missing

Mobistealth Spy SoftwareAnother problem for parents when they buy their kids expensive smartphones is that these devices could get lost or stolen because of carelessness. Kids are not as aware of thieves as adults are and they are not as careful when it comes to keeping tabs on their smartphones.

Here again, the Mobistealth GPS tracking feature is quite useful for getting the location of the lost smartphone. It could be that the device is just lost within your home. Mobistealth also has a feature to remotely wipe a smartphone’s data contents clean should it be irrecoverable.

Mobistealth the Parent’s Helper

There are other features that come with the Mobistealth cell phone tracking system and you have seen the main ones that help parents tremendously when it comes to monitoring their kids’ activities through their smartphones.

It is not only about spying, but keeping your kids from harm as well. There are just too many dangers out there in both the physical and cyber world for you not to put Mobistealth on their smartphones. Visit our website and order this powerful spy app and immediately begin learning the truth plus guarding your children.

Why You Should Use Mobistealth

There is a powerful tool available today for revealing and tracking the facts about the activities on and around a cell phone. It is Mobistealth cell phone tracking and spy software. There are several reasons why you need it and it provides a robust set of tools in addition to being a breeze to install.

Who Needs It?

Ask yourself these questions before deciding if you need Mobistealth:

  • Do I have teenagers with cell phones?
  • Do I issue company-paid phones to my employees?
  • Can I afford to replace my lost or stolen phone?
  • Can I risk the compromise of sensitive information if I lose my phone?

Answering yes to any one of these questions will make you see the need to have Mobistealth running on your phone or the phones that you are responsible for. And, as you can see, the four questions above cover just about every situation.

Is it Easy to Use?

It is very easy to install. Probably the only challenge is just getting uninterrupted control of the target phone if you plan to use it in stealth. You cannot install it remotely because you need to make configuration settings on the phone.

Other than this, all you have to do is subscribe to one of the service plans (there are four), download the app to the phone, install it, make any custom settings, and then find a web browser for access to your private control panel.

At the time of registration, you will be given access credentials to log into this control panel for monitoring all activities Mobistealth app is capturing.

What Will It Do for Me?

Mobistealth has a seemingly endless list of tools to get all of the facts on the target phone. Some of these tools are:

  • Getting all of the facts about ingoing/outgoing communications
  • Discover the target phone user’s internet habits
  • See what’s being discussed to/from the target phone
  • Find out what’s on the phone
  • See the plans of the target cell phone user
  • Instantly determine the surroundings of the target phone
  • Protecting the target phone if it is lost or stolen

As you can see, there is a wealth of information you as the Mobistealth account holder can discover.

Getting the Incoming/Outgoing Facts
monitor SMS
Mobistealth enables you to get all of the communications and travel activity that has taken place on the target phone. This includes:

  • Call information such as who called, time of call, and call’s duration
  • Recordings of calls
  • Travel history plus the current GPS location of the target phone
  • SMS messages with the same data as who called and full text of the message
  • Emails exchanged with full text
  • WhatsApp chat sessions with full text

Recording calls and getting call information is useful but knowing what text messages are being exchanged is even more so. Those who are doing something they don’t want others to know about will typically use SMS or email to coordinate their activities because no one else will overhear.

Seeing the Internet Habits

As an employer, you didn’t buy and issue a cell phone to an employee in your charge for the purpose of wasting time browsing inappropriate sites. In the same way, you don’t want your child utilizing his phone to look at the same. With Mobistealth you can not only see what the target user is browsing on their phone but also block it.

Monitor Web Browsing

Discovering What’s on the Phone

With Mobistealth monitoring software you have access to all of the photographs and videos taken on the device. Plus, you can see photos that have been exchanged between the target phone user and someone else.

As a parent, you would want to be alerted if your teenager is getting sent inappropriate photos. Likewise, as an employer, you would want to know if your employee is sending photos of company-sensitive documents to your competitor.

Revealing the Plans of the Target User

Mobistealth can also view the appointments from the phone’s calendar which is useful for revealing the plans of the person whom you are monitoring. It may reveal friends who your teenager is planning to be with and whom you disapprove of.

It could also reveal an employee spending company time going on interviews for another job. Wouldn’t it be nice to know if a key employee is planning to jump ship in the middle of an important project? Knowing plans in this way gives you the employer a way to make sure there is continuity of resources during a critical business project.

Protecting the Target Cell Phone

Finally, if you are running Mobistealth on your own phone, you can track it if it gets lost or stolen. This significantly increases your chance of recovering the lost device. Furthermore, if you cannot recover your phone, you can at least lock it from your control panel so that the information on it will not get into the wrong hands.

There are several other features available on Mobistealth cell phone spy software but as you can see it is a product that you cannot do without if you want to track all the facts on the device.

Answer All Your Questions with Mobistealth for Android

Mobistealth Android Spy  SoftwareMobistealth for Android is a full-featured powerful cell phone tracking software package that enables you to get all the answers to your questions. What questions you say? They are questions about where the phone has been and what its user has been doing with it. Read further and you will find out.

When Do You Need Mobistealth?

Basically, if you have an Android cell phone then you need Mobistealth to protect it. Then there are two other important reasons why you need it. The first is to track a phone that you bought your child and the second is to monitor company-purchased phones used by your employees.

Mobistealth for Android Features

Mobistealth for Android is packed with features that together make the ultimate in cell phone tracking software.

These features help you answer these questions about the cell phone that you are monitoring:

  1. Where is it or has it been?
  2. Who is on it?
  3. What are people saying on it?
  4. What does it look like around it?
  5. What’s on it?

You can list your favorite question here and Mobistealth will probably be able to answer it when it comes to tracking the target phone.

1. Where Is the Target Phone?

With Mobistealth Android Spy Software, you can find out where the phone has been and where it is now. On the control panel, you get a line-by-line history with a date/time stamp linked to a map showing where the target phone has been. You can adjust the polling interval to get near real time logging of the target phone’s GPS location.

2. Who is On It?

The Basic version of Mobistealth allows you to view the target phone’s contact file. This is useful because it answers the question as to whom your child or employee is communicating with.

3. What Are People Saying on It?

With Mobistealth, you get to see the incoming and outgoing history of whom the target phone user was chatting with, conversing with, and planning with. Every SMS message on the phone gets sent to the Mobistealth server so that you can read what your child or employee is discussing. Even if they delete the message thread, you still retain it for viewing from your control panel.

4. What Is the Environment Around It?

One of the impressive and useful features of Mobistealth for Android is that you can activate a live recording of the surroundings by only sending a start text which is a secret word that you configure. You can also activate live recording from either the Mobistealth control panel or your own cell phone.

Even though you are sending a text to activate this feature, it still remains hidden from the target phone user. Thus, you have a stealth microphone and recording device that enables you to hear what is going on around the phone. Recordings can be anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes.

5. What’s On the Phone?

Another fascinating feature of Mobistealth for Android is its ability to take screenshots of the target phone’s display. This adds one more hook into the phone where you can view encrypted information that you wouldn’t be able to derive from logs.

You can set the interval of the screenshots and it works totally undetected by the user. This is also handy because it provides an extension for when your child or employee is communicating on Facebook, Twitter, or some other social networking site.

Easy Setup and Installation

As is the case with all of Mobistealth’s products, installation and setup is easy. The service is subscription-based with four tiers: Basic, Lite, Pro, and Pro-X. You can subscribe for durations of 3, 6, or 12 months. The Mobistealth website has a chart where you see the features that you get with each of the tiers.

You Need Mobistealth Even if Not Spying

securityAs mentioned previously, you need Mobistealth Android spy software even if you don’t intend to use it for tracking a target phone. You need to protect your own phone as well.

Mobistealth provides the security that you need in the unfortunate event that your phone is lost or stolen. With it running on your phone, you can track it, listen to it, send messages to it, and even wipe its data clean if you must.

Oftentimes, a lost or stolen cell phone becomes a prize in the hands of someone else. With Mobistealth you can send a command to lock the target phone so that no one else can use it plus give you lead time to get all of the confidential information off.

The reasons for needing Mobistealth for Android on a phone that you use or bought for someone else to use are convincing. Protect your investment and order this powerful app today.

Monitor Every Cell Phone Activity With Mobistealth

Cell phones are an integral part of everyday life in contemporary times and with growing technology, the level of threat has considerably increased as well. When you are in a situation to stealthily monitor your family member, loved one or an employee in your organization, Mobistealth will be the ultimate software to help you get the job done. There are plenty of cell phone spy software in the market but not all of them are as effective as one would expect them to be. Most will simply notify you of the location of the device but that wouldn’t solve the exact purpose.

MobiStealth – Unique, Feature Rich And Undetectable

The range of features provided by the software and its easy-to-use user interface will allow even amateur users to become legitimate spies without much difficulty. Some of the useful add-ons that it provides include the ability to track location both in real-time and historical data, record voice calls, listen to live calls as they are in progress, get a complete log of videos, pictures, text messages, access web history and much more. Another add advantage of using the mobile phone app is that it is fully compatible and designed to match all major mobile platforms. You can easily find MobiStealth designed for iPhone iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Nokia’s Symbian and Blackberry operating systems.

MobiStealth GPS Feature

Easy To Setup And Instantly Activated

Within minutes of completing the setup, MobiStealth will start sending vital information and complete logs of the phone being spied upon. All you have to do is sign up to buy the app and install it directly to your target cell phone. The user won’t be able to detect it at all. Finally, you can have peace of mind and know that your kids are safe even when you are busy with official work. Thousands of positive client testimonials stand proof to justify how useful the software is. The app will also help increase business productivity because you can know where your employee has been, what’s causing the delay in a delivery or the illegal activities they are indulging in.

MobiStealth Setup

Sophisticated Surveillance System

Monitoring personal activity is important to help you get the information you deserve so as to avoid unwanted issues. You can now do so with MobiStealth without being intrusive on your kid’s privacy. The complete log sent to you will include the places they visited, images and videos taken, recorded calls with sounds found in the surroundings and even contact details. In case, your employee or a loved one change their SIM to go undetected, it will also be notified to you. Remote phone memory wipe is another useful feature using which you can erase everything in it to avoid losing vital information.

Whenever you have a requirement to use a cell phone spy software, go for the one which will offer you complete freedom, reliability and ease of use. MobiStealth will ideally meet all these requirements and provide more features than you could ask for in an affordable package. Take a step to secure your family and business at the same time.

Mobistealth Free Download?? Warning!

Mobistealth FreeWhen I first discovered Mobistealth, I was really apprehensive because I thought it was just like any other spy software that promises something it can’t deliver. But I was wrong!

After I tried it, I was so impressed and pleased to see that it worked well. So I bought the annual subscription and I still use it today. I know for certain that there are a lot of people out there who would want to use Mobistealth for FREE.

Now, why would I think something like that? Well, the other day I visited several forums on the web and I never expected that there are so many people who would like to download Mobistealth for free. Some of them even asked for a crack version of the product. To tell you the truth – I don’t blame them. In fact, Mobistealth is really popular these days and they just want to experience its innovative features before they can convince themselves to purchase the product. So, can you really download the software for free?

Honestly, the company who developed Mobistealth did not make that option available. There is no free trial version of the product and you can’t take it for a trial run. However, if you really want to test the software – it is still possible! Because the publisher of Mobistealth is committed to the overall satisfaction of their customers, and they made a policy which most of us know as “Money Back Guarantee.” which means that, purchasing the software is risk-free and you can use it for 15 days, but in case you’re not satisfied with the product then you can return it and they’ll give your money back in full.

Although, I’m sure that if you tried it for two weeks and you know that it really works– then definitely, you will learn to appreciate it more. Well, to make things much easier for you, I have an exclusive Mobistealth coupon code which you can use, if you want to acquire some great discounts. Just click the link below and you can avail of the discount.

Update: This coupon code has expired. Mobistealth is a subscription-based service, and is available on monthly and yearly recurring subscriptions. If you’re looking for an affordable (one time purchase), high-quality mobile spy software, I’d recommend Highster Mobile.

Mobistealth Download

Mobistealth is a unique mobile phone spy application. It’s actually a hybrid service/software combination. The main objective of this application is to track all the activities on a smartphone and sends all the gathered data on a secure online server, in order to check all the logs from the phone you’re monitoring, you will need to access your online account using a computer, Smartphone, laptop or your tablet device. The Internet is a very crucial factor in all of its monitoring activities, because the software will depend on it when it tracks the target phone. On the other hand, if the target phone has been disconnected to the Internet, then all the gathered data will be sent to you via SMS messages.

If you still have doubts about Mobistealth and you would like to know more about its features, then you can read the list below that enumerates the features of this software.

  • It will let you read all incoming and outgoing Text Messages (SMS) on the target phone.
  • It will let you view all the contacts that were saved on the memory of the phone.
  • It can track the exact location of the phone and its user through GPS locator.
  • It lets you monitor all incoming and outgoing calls from the phone.
  • It will show you all the images, photos and videos that were stored in the phone’s memory.
  • It will let you read all the emails on the phone.
  • It will also log the websites that the user had visited.
  • It’s also the most affordable spy software on the market.
  • It’s easy to use and takes just a few minutes to set up!

how it works
Overall, if you want an effective mobile phone spy software that is easy to use, affordable and has many powerful features that are not available in any other software – then I strongly recommend that you choose Mobistealth. I hope you find this post helpful. For more information, you can read my mobistealth review here.

Mobistealth Computer Monitoring Software

Computer Monitoring

Businesses and schools rely heavily on desktop and laptop computers as tools to accomplish their goals these days. Businesses store all of their information on servers and share it throughout the enterprise computer network. Schools do the same plus distribute educational programs to facilitate learning. And, of course, every home has at least a desktop computer.

Teachers, parents, and employers all have an interest in making sure that their kids and employees use these computers for their intended purpose thus the need for MobiStealth computer monitoring software arises.

Typical Users of MobiStealth Computer Monitoring Software

Those that will typically benefit from the features of the MobiStealth computer monitoring app include:

  • Teachers wanting to monitor the use of computers inside the classroom
  • Parents who need to make sure that their child does not misuse their computer for visiting inappropriate websites or chatting with strangers who could be online predators
  • Employers wanting to maintain high productivity levels that could be threatened because of wasting time on the computer
  • Employers needing a way to ensure that company computers are not used for personal purposes
  • Managers with a need to know what is being discussed in the department

Educational institutes do not make significant investments in computer technology only to have the machines used for playing games, watching porn, and chatting with others about nonsense. Parents would also appreciate that their children are being monitored pertaining to their kids’ computer use at home as well.

In the same manner, employers could be subject to litigation or tax penalties if company computers are not used for only business.

It is these situations where the computer monitoring software from MobiStealth helps everyone responsible for prudent computer use.

MobiStealth Computer Monitoring Features

It is the features that make the computer monitoring software and the product offered by MobiStealth is packed full of them. You will find the following in its full-featured Pro version:

  • Keylogging
  • Screen shots of the monitored computer
  • Recording of surrounding sounds
  • History of websites visited
  • Tracking of email messages from Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail
  • Capturing of chat texts from Facebook, Gtalk, Skype, Yahoo
  • Logging of applications accessed on the target computer

The keylogging capability of the MobiStealth computer monitoring app is probably one of the product’s most powerful features. This is because it captures every key pressed on the monitored computer plus formats it to make it more legible from your subscriber control panel.

Thus, when you cannot capture messages from an app like Twitter, you can still get the text because of the keylogging feature.

How MobiStealth Computer Monitoring Software Helps

It is nice to know how MobiStealth specifically helps the subscribers to its computer monitoring software. Ways that it helps include:

  • Employees knowing they are monitored will stick to their tasks
  • Avoid litigation because of computer misuse in the workplace
  • Guard students from online predators
  • Keep viruses from being introduced
  • Boosts student productivity at school and home

Employees and students who know they are being monitored as to their computer use will more than likely comply with policies. Thus, you can use MobiStealth computer monitoring software as a deterrent to computer misuse in the first place.

Of course everyone knows that visiting inappropriate websites runs the risk of introducing viruses and malware which could render the computer useless. Even though virus scanners are effective, there is always a new one that someone creates that is unknown.

Here again, MobiStealth computer monitoring software acts as a deterrent to computer misuse thus the risk of viruses is significantly reduced.

How the MobiStealth Computer Monitoring System Works

How Mobistealth Works

Another perk of the MobiStealth computer monitoring system is that it is simple to register, install, and start viewing the data coming in. The way that this computer monitor works is as follows:

1. The subscriber (you) registers and purchases a subscription to MobiStealth and installs it on the computer to be monitored.

2. After successful installation, activities are silently recorded and transmitted to the MobiStealth servers for storage.

3. You then view the sent information from your control panel accessible through the MobiStealth website

You see by now how important MobiStealth computer monitoring software is when there is a requirement to ensure computers are used in accordance with the standards set by parents, teachers, and employers.

If you fit in one or more of these categories of subscribers, don’t risk troubles from computer misuse. Order the MobiStealth computer monitoring system without delay.

Mobistealth Keylogger Review

KeyloggerA keylogger is a type of software that basically captures the keystrokes from a computer’s keyboard. MobiStealth provides a premium keylogger product that transmits all keystrokes along with other information while it silently monitors a desktop or laptop computer. A keylogger is effective for enforcing the rules when it comes to computer use by your children, employees, or spouse.

Who Needs the MobiStealth Keylogger?

Basically anyone who is responsible for the appropriate use of a desktop or laptop computer needs the MobiStealth keylogger to help enforce their rules. Thus, you will find that the typical subscribers to this keylogger are:

  1. Parents who want to make sure their child is not accessing inappropriate websites or on adult-related chat sites
  2. Employers protecting the productivity of their employees by ensuring that work computers are only used for business
  3. Parents wanting to protect their children from online threats such as pedophiles and other predators that may introduce themselves even through applications like Skype
  4. Spouses may want to know if their partner is browsing dating or adult webcam sites when alone at their computer

Businesses all know the risk of employees using company computers to waste time browsing websites that are not work-related or chatting on Facebook. The MobiStealth keylogger will detect these activities and protect you from the financial impact of lost employee productivity.

MobiStealth Keylogger Features

Keystroke logging is the primary feature of this product but MobiStealth adds many more to include:

  • Hooks into instant messenger (IM) and social networking chat applications: Facebook, Gtalk, Yahoo, and Skype
  • Collection of emails from Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail
  • Taking snapshots of the monitored computer’s screen
  • Tracking access to apps on the computer
  • Reporting of the computer’s location (useful for laptops)
  • Logging the history of all websites visited
  • Recording of the sounds surrounding the monitored computer

It is important to understand that even if the person monitored uses an app for exchanging text messages other than the ones listed above that the MobiStealth keylogger will still trap the words used. Thus, you as the subscriber can view text generated even in a product such as OpenOffice Write.

Being able to take snapshots of the monitored computer’s screen extends the capabilities of the MobiStealth keylogger even more. When it cannot be captured in text, it most certainly can be captured graphically.

Why MobiStealth is the Top Keylogger Choice

Why is MobiStealth the premium product to choose when it comes to keylogger software? Here are a few important reasons why:

  • 15-day money back guarantee
  • Comprehensive chat logging capability
  • Keylogging even with its Basic product
  • Captures logs even if deleted on the monitored computer
  • Runs totally undetectable while it records keystrokes
  • Keystrokes are formatted in such a way to make the report easy to read

The MobiStealth keylogger doesn’t just present to you a string of keys and leave you to sort out what the words are. The software takes steps to enhance the legibility such as removing occurrences of the backspace key and giving you the final word.

MobiStealth Keylogger Pricing

Mobistealth KeyloggerThe MobiStealth keylogger can be purchased at one of three tiers: Basic, Pro, and Lite. The company’s purchasing options give you flexibility in choosing the keylogger that is right for you.

The Basic version is really intended as a trial and the only subscription duration you can choose is for 1 month. With the Basic version you get two features: keystroke logging and location reporting. Although limited in its features, it is a great way to experience the power of a keylogger at a low-risk price of only $9.99.

With the Lite version, you get more basic features such as the ability to record surrounds, take snapshots of the monitored computer’s screen, capture Yahoo chats, and view the web browser history. You can purchase the Lite version under a 1, 3, or 12-month subscription for $39.99, $59.99, or $79.99 respectively.

Finally there is the Pro version where you get every feature. It can be purchased at $59.99, $79.99, or $99.99 for 1, 3, or 12-months.

How to Get Started with the MobiStealth Keylogger

All you need to do to get up and running on the MobiStealth keylogger is to do the following 3 simple steps:

1. Register and pay for a subscription to the MobiStealth keylogger.

2. Set up your online account with MobiStealth used for viewing the information sent.

3. Install the tracking app on the computer to be monitored.

If you are an individual responsible for the appropriate use of desktop or laptop computers in the home or at work then you need the keylogger from MobiStealth. This is because it is impossible to know what others are doing on computers when your back is turned.

Don’t let your children use their computers for inappropriate activities that can put them in danger. Also, don’t let you employees waste precious business times using business computers outside of company policy. Order and install the MobiStealth keylogger right away.

Mobistealth iPhone Spy App

For those needing a feature-rich cell phone spy for the iPhone there is the innovative software app from MobiStealth. As the name tells you, it is a cell phone tracker that runs silently and totally undetectable on the iPhone that it monitors. Keep reading and find out more about this powerful iPhone spy software.

The MobiStealth Subscribers

Who are those that need the MobiStealth iPhone spy app? They fall in to four classes of subscribers:

  • Parents wanting to know what their children are involved in when away from home
  • Spouses who want to confirm that their partners are faithful to them and not involved in an affair
  • Employers who do not want their employees with company-issued smartphones abusing the privilege of having these devices
  • Anyone who wants to have a way to help them in the recovery of a lost or stolen smartphone

The last class of user shows that running MobiStealth on an iPhone is not always about spying. For example, you can get location updates in as little as 8 minutes with the app which gives you near real-time pinpointing.

Thus, when you discover your iPhone is missing, you can get on your control panel and see if you only left it at the last place you were at such as a restaurant.

MobiStealth iPhone Spy Features

The MobiStealth iPhone spy is packed with a robust set of features. Some of these features that do their work on the device being monitored are:

Mobistealth for iPhone

  • Collecting details from voice calls made/received
  • Monitoring the details and full text of all SMS and email messages both sent and received
  • Keeping tabs on the GPS location of the smartphone and its user
  • Listening to the surrounding sounds
  • Collecting text from iMessage chats
  • Tracking of the text exchanges for the instant messenger app WhatsApp
  • Logging all websites visited through the device’s browser
  • SIM card change notification
  • Details in the iPhone’s contacts file
  • Logging of all photos and videos taken on the monitored iPhone

To add to the capabilities of GPS location tracking, you can also get the iPhone’s current coordinates by only sending a secret SMS message and then having the information sent back to you through another SMS.

Pricing for MobiStealth

Mobistealth gives you multiple options when it comes to pricing for its iPhone Spy. It has 3 versions of its product: Basic, Lite, and Pro. A subscription to the Basic product can be purchased for 2 weeks only whereas the other two can be purchased for subscription lengths of 3 and 6 months.

The Basic product offers limited features but you still get call history logging, SMS message collection, iMessage tracking, and historical GPS location tracking. The Basic product is really intended to act as trial and only costs $19.99 for the two-week subscription period.

Even the basic MobiStealth iPhone spy can give you part of the truth and answer the “who, what, where”, and “when” questions about the activities of the person you are monitoring.

The Lite version provides you with standard features such as call history, location history, collection of SMS and iMessages, and logging of websites visited through the iPhone’s web browser. Subscription prices are $39.99 for 3 months and $59.99 for 6 months.

Of course you get every MobiStealth iPhone spy feature with a subscription to the Pro version. You get not only the standard features but those that are advanced and turn the iPhone into a real-time tracking device. Two of these advanced features are the ability to listen to calls and record the device’s surrounding environment. Pro subscription prices are $79.99 for 3 months and $119.99 for 6 months.

How to Get Started with MobiStealth

It doesn’t take an advanced technology degree to get up and running with the iPhone spy app from MobiStealth. All you need to do is the following:

1. Get physical control of the iPhone to be monitored.

2. Make sure that the iPhone is jailbroken.

3. Order your subscription to MobiStealth.

4. Download and install the app on the iPhone.

5. Log in to your MobiStealth control panel and begin viewing the information as it is sent.

Jailbreaking for the iPhone is required because the MobiStealth app needs to access the iOS operating system at a higher level than most apps that you download from Apple’s App store. There are plenty of information websites available that can give you information on jailbreaking.

There is more to MobiStealth and only the most important aspects have been covered thus far. Don’t wait to keep abreast of the truth about the doings of those you care about or look after. Get a subscription to MobiStealth and install it on their phones so that you will never wonder what they are up to again.