Mobistealth iPhone Spy App

For those needing a feature-rich cell phone spy for the iPhone there is the innovative software app from MobiStealth. As the name tells you, it is a cell phone tracker that runs silently and totally undetectable on the iPhone that it monitors. Keep reading and find out more about this powerful iPhone spy software.

The MobiStealth Subscribers

Who are those that need the MobiStealth iPhone spy app? They fall in to four classes of subscribers:

  • Parents wanting to know what their children are involved in when away from home
  • Spouses who want to confirm that their partners are faithful to them and not involved in an affair
  • Employers who do not want their employees with company-issued smartphones abusing the privilege of having these devices
  • Anyone who wants to have a way to help them in the recovery of a lost or stolen smartphone

The last class of user shows that running MobiStealth on an iPhone is not always about spying. For example, you can get location updates in as little as 8 minutes with the app which gives you near real-time pinpointing.

Thus, when you discover your iPhone is missing, you can get on your control panel and see if you only left it at the last place you were at such as a restaurant.

MobiStealth iPhone Spy Features

The MobiStealth iPhone spy is packed with a robust set of features. Some of these features that do their work on the device being monitored are:

Mobistealth for iPhone

  • Collecting details from voice calls made/received
  • Monitoring the details and full text of all SMS and email messages both sent and received
  • Keeping tabs on the GPS location of the smartphone and its user
  • Listening to the surrounding sounds
  • Collecting text from iMessage chats
  • Tracking of the text exchanges for the instant messenger app WhatsApp
  • Logging all websites visited through the device’s browser
  • SIM card change notification
  • Details in the iPhone’s contacts file
  • Logging of all photos and videos taken on the monitored iPhone

To add to the capabilities of GPS location tracking, you can also get the iPhone’s current coordinates by only sending a secret SMS message and then having the information sent back to you through another SMS.

Pricing for MobiStealth

Mobistealth gives you multiple options when it comes to pricing for its iPhone Spy. It has 3 versions of its product: Basic, Lite, and Pro. A subscription to the Basic product can be purchased for 2 weeks only whereas the other two can be purchased for subscription lengths of 3 and 6 months.

The Basic product offers limited features but you still get call history logging, SMS message collection, iMessage tracking, and historical GPS location tracking. The Basic product is really intended to act as trial and only costs $19.99 for the two-week subscription period.

Even the basic MobiStealth iPhone spy can give you part of the truth and answer the “who, what, where”, and “when” questions about the activities of the person you are monitoring.

The Lite version provides you with standard features such as call history, location history, collection of SMS and iMessages, and logging of websites visited through the iPhone’s web browser. Subscription prices are $39.99 for 3 months and $59.99 for 6 months.

Of course you get every MobiStealth iPhone spy feature with a subscription to the Pro version. You get not only the standard features but those that are advanced and turn the iPhone into a real-time tracking device. Two of these advanced features are the ability to listen to calls and record the device’s surrounding environment. Pro subscription prices are $79.99 for 3 months and $119.99 for 6 months.

How to Get Started with MobiStealth

It doesn’t take an advanced technology degree to get up and running with the iPhone spy app from MobiStealth. All you need to do is the following:

1. Get physical control of the iPhone to be monitored.

2. Make sure that the iPhone is jailbroken.

3. Order your subscription to MobiStealth.

4. Download and install the app on the iPhone.

5. Log in to your MobiStealth control panel and begin viewing the information as it is sent.

Jailbreaking for the iPhone is required because the MobiStealth app needs to access the iOS operating system at a higher level than most apps that you download from Apple’s App store. There are plenty of information websites available that can give you information on jailbreaking.

There is more to MobiStealth and only the most important aspects have been covered thus far. Don’t wait to keep abreast of the truth about the doings of those you care about or look after. Get a subscription to MobiStealth and install it on their phones so that you will never wonder what they are up to again.