How Mobistealth Can Help Parents

Mobistealth Parents

When parents buy their children a smartphone, they give them a new level of independence that they didn’t have before. This is because not only are they carrying a phone but a tiny computer as well.

No longer does your child need to go to the library to use the Internet because he can get the information he needs anywhere from his smartphone browser.

He can also make calls from anywhere and gone are the days when a child must find a pay phone to let you know where he is.

But with all of this convenience there also comes concerns on the part of parents which is why Mobistealth makes a cell phone spy software. The features provided by this innovative cell phone app helps parents and eases some of their concerns.

Concerns Parents Have

Parents in general have concerns when their children have smartphones where they can not only speak with others but exchange text messages, visit Internet sites, post photos on social networking sites, and more.

Some of the common concerns parents have about their child and a smartphone are that they will:

  • Visit websites with adult, violent, or other inappropriate content
  • Chat with friends who are a bad influence
  • Over use their smartphone
  • Waste time with the device
  • Lose their smartphone or leave it vulnerable to theft
  • Share too much information
  • Take photos and videos with their smartphone that are inappropriate (racy, semi-nude, self-shots)
  • Have contact with strangers
  • Tell lies concerning their whereabouts

As you can see, there is a long list of concerns that parents have when their kids get a new level of independence because you gave them a smartphone.

Mobistealth Features That Address the Concerns

The features provided by Mobistealth address the parents’ concerns listed above. Here is a list of some of the most helpful:

  • Collecting data on calls made/received
  • Bugging the smartphone’s surroundings
  • Recording calls if necessary
  • Logging of every website visited using the smartphone’s browser
  • Full message tracking
  • GPS location tracking from both a real-time and historical perspective
  • Ability to wipe the phone’s data contents remotely
  • Collecting photos and videos taken on the target device
  • Viewing of the contacts and calendar files

Keep reading and find out more about how these features apply to the specific situations they were added for.

Get All the Facts about What Is Said and With Whom

Mobistealth cell phone spy software helps parents know with whom their children are communicating on the telephone. From the control panel, parents can see the complete history of calls made or received on the monitored smartphone. The history is listed with date/time, contact name/number, and if the call was incoming or outgoing.

For parents, it simply means that you will be able to enforce what you told your child about who they can and cannot call.

Guiding in Appropriate Browsing Habits

Parents are always concerned about what their kids view on the Internet using their home computers and the same holds true when it comes to smartphones. This is why Mobistealth added the capability for its cell phone tracker app to collect the URL of each website visited through the smartphone’s browser.

A teenager with a smartphone might think that he can carry it everywhere and look at any website he wants to. However, with the Mobistealth cell phone monitoring app you will know and be able to guide him as to what is acceptable and appropriate with regard to Internet browsing.

Seeing with Whom They are Texting

The most common way to exchange text messages on cell phones is using short messaging service or SMS. Kids exchange SMS messages with their friends and it is oftentimes preferred to voice communications because no one overhears anything.

Thus, there is a tendency or at least the temptation for kids to exchange messages using all sorts of language and topics that you as parent would be alarmed over. For example, they might discuss sexual topics with each other or where to get alcohol.

Then, there is another problem. Kids might get contacted by those they don’t know if those strangers somehow get their number. These strangers could be sexual predators, cyber-bullies, or cyber-stalkers.

In any case, you as a parent would definitely want to know this and your kids may not tell you. However with the Mobistealth cell phone tracker, you get the full text of all message exchanges sent right to your control panel so that you can assess the situation and take action.


No More Hiding Their Whereabouts

Here is another problem when kids get an unmonitored smartphone—one without Mobistealth. They can call from anywhere and lie about their location and you would never know. For example, they could call you and tell you that they are at one friend’s house doing homework when they are really at a party at another friend’s house—a friend you don’t approve of.

But with the Mobistealth cell phone monitoring app you get GPS location tracking which reports the coordinates at regular intervals, thus you will be able to pinpoint where your child actually is. No more can he hide his whereabouts from you.

Help for When the Smartphone Goes Missing

Mobistealth Spy SoftwareAnother problem for parents when they buy their kids expensive smartphones is that these devices could get lost or stolen because of carelessness. Kids are not as aware of thieves as adults are and they are not as careful when it comes to keeping tabs on their smartphones.

Here again, the Mobistealth GPS tracking feature is quite useful for getting the location of the lost smartphone. It could be that the device is just lost within your home. Mobistealth also has a feature to remotely wipe a smartphone’s data contents clean should it be irrecoverable.

Mobistealth the Parent’s Helper

There are other features that come with the Mobistealth cell phone tracking system and you have seen the main ones that help parents tremendously when it comes to monitoring their kids’ activities through their smartphones.

It is not only about spying, but keeping your kids from harm as well. There are just too many dangers out there in both the physical and cyber world for you not to put Mobistealth on their smartphones. Visit our website and order this powerful spy app and immediately begin learning the truth plus guarding your children.