Answer All Your Questions with Mobistealth for Android

Mobistealth Android Spy  SoftwareMobistealth for Android is a full-featured powerful cell phone tracking software package that enables you to get all the answers to your questions. What questions you say? They are questions about where the phone has been and what its user has been doing with it. Read further and you will find out.

When Do You Need Mobistealth?

Basically, if you have an Android cell phone then you need Mobistealth to protect it. Then there are two other important reasons why you need it. The first is to track a phone that you bought your child and the second is to monitor company-purchased phones used by your employees.

Mobistealth for Android Features

Mobistealth for Android is packed with features that together make the ultimate in cell phone tracking software.

These features help you answer these questions about the cell phone that you are monitoring:

  1. Where is it or has it been?
  2. Who is on it?
  3. What are people saying on it?
  4. What does it look like around it?
  5. What’s on it?

You can list your favorite question here and Mobistealth will probably be able to answer it when it comes to tracking the target phone.

1. Where Is the Target Phone?

With Mobistealth Android Spy Software, you can find out where the phone has been and where it is now. On the control panel, you get a line-by-line history with a date/time stamp linked to a map showing where the target phone has been. You can adjust the polling interval to get near real time logging of the target phone’s GPS location.

2. Who is On It?

The Basic version of Mobistealth allows you to view the target phone’s contact file. This is useful because it answers the question as to whom your child or employee is communicating with.

3. What Are People Saying on It?

With Mobistealth, you get to see the incoming and outgoing history of whom the target phone user was chatting with, conversing with, and planning with. Every SMS message on the phone gets sent to the Mobistealth server so that you can read what your child or employee is discussing. Even if they delete the message thread, you still retain it for viewing from your control panel.

4. What Is the Environment Around It?

One of the impressive and useful features of Mobistealth for Android is that you can activate a live recording of the surroundings by only sending a start text which is a secret word that you configure. You can also activate live recording from either the Mobistealth control panel or your own cell phone.

Even though you are sending a text to activate this feature, it still remains hidden from the target phone user. Thus, you have a stealth microphone and recording device that enables you to hear what is going on around the phone. Recordings can be anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes.

5. What’s On the Phone?

Another fascinating feature of Mobistealth for Android is its ability to take screenshots of the target phone’s display. This adds one more hook into the phone where you can view encrypted information that you wouldn’t be able to derive from logs.

You can set the interval of the screenshots and it works totally undetected by the user. This is also handy because it provides an extension for when your child or employee is communicating on Facebook, Twitter, or some other social networking site.

Easy Setup and Installation

As is the case with all of Mobistealth’s products, installation and setup is easy. The service is subscription-based with four tiers: Basic, Lite, Pro, and Pro-X. You can subscribe for durations of 3, 6, or 12 months. The Mobistealth website has a chart where you see the features that you get with each of the tiers.

You Need Mobistealth Even if Not Spying

securityAs mentioned previously, you need Mobistealth Android spy software even if you don’t intend to use it for tracking a target phone. You need to protect your own phone as well.

Mobistealth provides the security that you need in the unfortunate event that your phone is lost or stolen. With it running on your phone, you can track it, listen to it, send messages to it, and even wipe its data clean if you must.

Oftentimes, a lost or stolen cell phone becomes a prize in the hands of someone else. With Mobistealth you can send a command to lock the target phone so that no one else can use it plus give you lead time to get all of the confidential information off.

The reasons for needing Mobistealth for Android on a phone that you use or bought for someone else to use are convincing. Protect your investment and order this powerful app today.