Mobistealth Computer Monitoring Software

Computer Monitoring

Businesses and schools rely heavily on desktop and laptop computers as tools to accomplish their goals these days. Businesses store all of their information on servers and share it throughout the enterprise computer network. Schools do the same plus distribute educational programs to facilitate learning. And, of course, every home has at least a desktop computer.

Teachers, parents, and employers all have an interest in making sure that their kids and employees use these computers for their intended purpose thus the need for MobiStealth computer monitoring software arises.

Typical Users of MobiStealth Computer Monitoring Software

Those that will typically benefit from the features of the MobiStealth computer monitoring app include:

  • Teachers wanting to monitor the use of computers inside the classroom
  • Parents who need to make sure that their child does not misuse their computer for visiting inappropriate websites or chatting with strangers who could be online predators
  • Employers wanting to maintain high productivity levels that could be threatened because of wasting time on the computer
  • Employers needing a way to ensure that company computers are not used for personal purposes
  • Managers with a need to know what is being discussed in the department

Educational institutes do not make significant investments in computer technology only to have the machines used for playing games, watching porn, and chatting with others about nonsense. Parents would also appreciate that their children are being monitored pertaining to their kids’ computer use at home as well.

In the same manner, employers could be subject to litigation or tax penalties if company computers are not used for only business.

It is these situations where the computer monitoring software from MobiStealth helps everyone responsible for prudent computer use.

MobiStealth Computer Monitoring Features

It is the features that make the computer monitoring software and the product offered by MobiStealth is packed full of them. You will find the following in its full-featured Pro version:

  • Keylogging
  • Screen shots of the monitored computer
  • Recording of surrounding sounds
  • History of websites visited
  • Tracking of email messages from Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail
  • Capturing of chat texts from Facebook, Gtalk, Skype, Yahoo
  • Logging of applications accessed on the target computer

The keylogging capability of the MobiStealth computer monitoring app is probably one of the product’s most powerful features. This is because it captures every key pressed on the monitored computer plus formats it to make it more legible from your subscriber control panel.

Thus, when you cannot capture messages from an app like Twitter, you can still get the text because of the keylogging feature.

How MobiStealth Computer Monitoring Software Helps

It is nice to know how MobiStealth specifically helps the subscribers to its computer monitoring software. Ways that it helps include:

  • Employees knowing they are monitored will stick to their tasks
  • Avoid litigation because of computer misuse in the workplace
  • Guard students from online predators
  • Keep viruses from being introduced
  • Boosts student productivity at school and home

Employees and students who know they are being monitored as to their computer use will more than likely comply with policies. Thus, you can use MobiStealth computer monitoring software as a deterrent to computer misuse in the first place.

Of course everyone knows that visiting inappropriate websites runs the risk of introducing viruses and malware which could render the computer useless. Even though virus scanners are effective, there is always a new one that someone creates that is unknown.

Here again, MobiStealth computer monitoring software acts as a deterrent to computer misuse thus the risk of viruses is significantly reduced.

How the MobiStealth Computer Monitoring System Works

How Mobistealth Works

Another perk of the MobiStealth computer monitoring system is that it is simple to register, install, and start viewing the data coming in. The way that this computer monitor works is as follows:

1. The subscriber (you) registers and purchases a subscription to MobiStealth and installs it on the computer to be monitored.

2. After successful installation, activities are silently recorded and transmitted to the MobiStealth servers for storage.

3. You then view the sent information from your control panel accessible through the MobiStealth website

You see by now how important MobiStealth computer monitoring software is when there is a requirement to ensure computers are used in accordance with the standards set by parents, teachers, and employers.

If you fit in one or more of these categories of subscribers, don’t risk troubles from computer misuse. Order the MobiStealth computer monitoring system without delay.