Monitor Kids’ Computer Activity with Mobistealth

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For parents, it is most important and safe to be aware of what their kids are doing, especially ONLINE. Today, many parents opt for taking a peek into their kids’ digital lives sensing any danger around, and for this, they trust on computer monitoring software usually. Effectively trustworthy computer monitoring software like Mobistealth can do major monitoring work of your kids’ computer system without your presence required. Yet most non-tech savvy parents are not able to comprehend with the latest and greatest monitoring computer software that claim to be bestsellers but are junked up with bad support and impracticable monitoring features. So, parents should always trust the one that actually does work and shows good results!

Without a hidden spy software like Mobistealth, parents can do nothing more than trying to monitor their kids’ digital lives MANUALLY. Trying to peep over shoulders and just barging into their rooms to raid the computer screen can be termed indecent and can lead to a spat between parents and kids later. Having a stressful computer monitoring policy is not healthy for you and your family.

Considered a much wiser alternative, monitoring a computer through the similarly advanced technology that works calls for accurately monitored and acquired truth. Even the FBI’s online computer safety checklist cautions parents to check their kids’ use of the internet.

Jack Bennet, an FBI agent says, “I’ve talked to parents who say, ‘Hey listen, my son has to set up my computer because I just don’t know how to.’ That’s not an excuse anymore. You’ve got to know how, because it’s your kids’ lives and their well-being depending on this”. He stated this in relation to the increased cases of young teens pushed into sex-trafficking originating through social media channels. Websites like Facebook, TAGGED, Twitter and Instagram for some lesser degree are preying grounds for ‘pimps’ and predators to look for their fresh victims. They especially hunt those who are vulnerably exposed with huge, unfilled parental and family voids in their lives.

A recent CNN report on human trafficking growing through social media highlighted two victims who are no longer into the prostitution racket. They remembered being lured in through Facebook and remember that fateful day when they received charm-dipped messages from cute looking boys asking to be friends. One of the victims, being lonely and seeking true love, started to exchange messages with that person including discussions on falling in love with each other, marriage, family, having kids and a happily ever after. As a month passed, she finally made a trip to Seattle taking a two-hour journey and meet him in person. But the fairy tale love story broke down into pieces when she ended up on a street full with prostitutes. The boy told her that she will ‘catch a lot of dates’ now.

She was victimized by a professional pimp for prostitution because her mother was not with her to protect her while she surfed the internet. Her mother was jailed for a financial crime for two years. At that crucial time of the teen’s life, she was left alone and exposed to fragile ties with her mother who was absent when she needed her most.

Install Mobistealth monitoring software and keep tabs on all of their computer activities at a minute level. You can install it directly in the Windows system and see all activities captured in complete stealth. Also, the computer monitoring software doesn’t show up in the computer making it virtually undetectable. Parents can see what kids write on chats, what they do on Facebook, if they use any profanity and much more through logging into the secure online control panel.